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hoya Randolph

Has it happened to you? You’re in a rush and need to hurry up and do your hair? Or you forgot you have a meeting on Zoom with less than ten minutes to make your hair look presentable? Then you probably want to get familiar with the quick and easy hairstyles that us lazy naturals have perfected. Sure, “lazy” and “natural” probably shouldn’t be in the same sentence since natural hair requires so much attention. Nonetheless, us lazy naturals exist and are here to create styles so you can be lazy too.

The Fineapple

All naturals love the “finapple” which is basically the classic up-do ponytail. To accomplish this, you need a headband to catch all that beautiful hair and put it in a ponytail. For those who want extra volume, remember you don’t have to put your hair in a full ponytail. If your hair’s a little dry, don’t be afraid to spritz it with some water. Once it’s in a ponytail, you may be able to get away with leaving it like that. If you want to go the extra mile, pull out that toothbrush and gel and swoop them edges back. We all know edges will serve the razzle dazzle needed to take your hairstyle to the next level.

Two Puffs, No Pass

For this hairstyle, you follow the same steps for the fineapple, just double it. Part your hair down the middle then put them in two ponytails. Don’t forget to fluff out your two puffs to add volume. Also known as space buns, this hairstyle will give you a childlike nostalgia with an adult convenience. If you have a couple more minutes to spare, add two twists in the front of your hair. To do this, grab the front two sections of your head and twist them as if you’re doing a twist-out. Now your two puffs have two twists to match.

Half & Half

For my naturals who want to add some pizazz to their fineapple, this easy style may be the one to get you out of the house quickly. Take half of your hair and put it in a fineapple. (Don’t forget to swoop them edges!) Wear the bottom half of your hair down. Spritz your hair with water to get those curls to develop and fluff out as needed. If you’re constantly wearing this hairstyle, it may be smart to have a spray bottle with water and conditioner just to give your hair some extra love.

The Low Ponytail

This style does require more work than the ones before. If you’re a seasoned natural, you can accomplish this look in five minutes. What’s great about a low ponytail is that you have the option to do a side part or a middle part. Once you’ve decided on where you want to part your hair, brush your hair back to put it in a low ponytail. You may need to slick your hair back using gel to avoid any hair coming out of the ponytail. If you don’t feel like fluffing your hair, try putting the hair in a bun by wrapping the hair around itself and securing it with bobby pins. Because the low ponytail is tucked in the back of your head, you have more room to be a little lazy when putting it in a bun. However, a bun can always be a ponytail alternative. Keep that in mind when trying out the previous hairstyles.

When In Doubt, Use A Head Wrap

If you’re feeling really lazy or just don’t have the time for ponytails and swooping edges, it’s time to bring out your handy-dandy head wrap. If you don’t have a head wrap then sis, what are you doing? There are so many easy ways you can wear your headwrap. It’s perfect for when your hair is unsavable but the day must go on. Plus, if you have your hair in a twist-out or braided down, a head wrap gives you the freedom to leave your hair alone for another day.

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