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started as a call for peace has escalated into another beef after Philly rapper Meek Mill offered record deals to MCs from his city if they would agree to stop the violence.

Now the “Going Bad” MC has deleted his social media accounts after engaging in a heated exchange with another Philly rapper and getting mixed reactions from fans.

Meek Mill was honored with his own weekend in his hometown of Philadelphia. (Photo: @meekmill Instagram)

“I’ll get all the main big artist in philly a deal if they put them bodies behind them and squash them beefs … I hear about … got some hot young bulls from my city but they all beefing!” Mill tweeted on Sunday, Nov. 15.

“And that’s just a idea but I’ll push thru with my city if y’all make it thing! It’s like 5 clicks that’s talented but they deep in! And get they most attention when they beefing!” Mill added.

Mill’s attempt to orchestrate a peace agreement didn’t go over so well with some of his fellow Philly natives, including local rapper Poundside Pop, who asked Mill to pick a side.


Local Philly rapper Poundside Pop tells Meek Mill to pick a side after the Dreamchasers CEO called for an end to violence in the city. (Photo: Screenshot from @mymixtapez Twitter)

Then he and some of his friends took to Instagram Live and told Mill he was banned from North Philly for supporting some of their ‘opps’ — a word referring to opposition or enemies — during an Instagram live.

“You not from North bro. Yo you banned bro,” one of Pop’s friends said during an Instagram Live. This caused Mill to go back and forth with Pop for a while before eventually deleting his accounts.

PoundSide Pop and His Homeboys says Meek Mill is ban from North Philadelphia , because he’s rocking with there opps .

— Best’s Point Of View TV (@povofbest1) November 16, 2020

“I ain’t picking no side N-word 18st … you letting that wock hit you too hard fam!” Mill responded. “Everybody got my number too, you young bulls be losing y’all mind off them drugs lol,” Mill continued commenting before adding, “I ain’t no f—ing zoo gang N-word.”

Meek Mill and Poundside Pop had a heated debate that led Pop and his friends to say Mill was banned from his native city Philadelphia. (Photo: Screenshot from @mymixtapez Twitter.)

In response to being banned, Mill said “We run the hood the f– is you saying lol,” then flaunted a bag of money on Instagram, with the caption “Ard y’all Ima holla at y’all later.”

This caused Pop to respond again in his Instagram story writing, “Money don’t make you real, Don’t give a f–k if it’s 80 mill!”

As Mill previously had announced he was dropping an EP on Friday, Nov. 20, before deleting his accounts, user @Hdagoon215 tweeted, “Hope this just a publicity stunt.”

Others did ‘pick a side’ with some supporting Mill and others supporting Poundside Pop.

“We live in a time when it’s more controversial for a rapper to try to stop gun violence than it is for a rapper to promote gun violence. Please let that sink in,” Jamil Jivani tweeted. “Salute the brother Meek Mill for telling the truth.”

“I don’t always agree with Meek, but this time, I support it,” wrote user @haitianchynee on Instagram.

“This ain’t new Philly will love u one day and hate you the next. Just ask the Eagles. I commend Meek for this. Too many babies and people getting shot in my city. Covid hitting us hard and shooters hitting us harder. Im tired of see my citizen going off. Pray for Philly,” Instagram user @mypeacecomesfromgod said.

Those who supported Pop weren’t so kind.

“Meek dumb asf. He think he the voice of reasoning. He needs to take step back from the ego and realize that it ain’t that simple. NO MAN IS GONNA FORGIVE THE OTHER MAN FOR KILLING HIS BROTHER,” tweeted [email protected]–k.

“North ain’t claiming him y’all can have him,” tweeted user @Hi__Ronny29.

“Shutup b—h. You promote it all in your music. So either help em or shutup,” user @iknowlesbetter tweeted in response.

DJ Akademiks — who’s had run-ins with Mill in the past — found the situation hilarious.

“I remember Meek Mill banned me from the Trenches… now I’m hearing the TRENCHES banned Meek Mill… wtf … this is like watchin Aqua man drown in a bath tub.. like superman falling offa building… how the trenches banned their own king . LOL,” DJ Akademiks tweeted.

Mill’s plea comes in the wake of multiple shootings in Philadelphia. In October, there were 10 shootings in one weekend that left two people dead and five people in critical condition, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer. Four teenagers were also shot Friday, Nov. 13, in two separate shootings, according to ABC6.

The city has even been given the nickname “Killadelphia,” which Mill himself had listed as his location on his social media accounts.

One fan called out the hypocrisy of Mill using the nicknames as his location, then calling for an end to violence.

“Meek Mill talking bout “stop the violence” but got “Killadelphia” as his location. Change starts with you bro,” user @nuffsaidny tweeted.

Meek Mill talking bout “stop the violence” but got “Killadelphia” as his location. Change starts with you bro.

— NUFF (@nuffsaidny) November 16, 2020

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