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Earlier this year, a historical African American burial ground from the 1800s was discovered under Penn property in West Philadelphia. Now experts are saying human remains are likely still beneath the lot, and Penn officials say they are in the process of hiring an outside expert to advise in the appropriate next steps for the University to take





What's The Best Natural Kidney RemeArthur George Gaston (July 4, 1892 -- January 19, 1996) was a businessman who established a number of businesses in Birmingham, Alabama, and who played a significant role in the struggle to integrate Birmingham in 1963. While working in the mines, he hit on the plan of selling lunches to his fellow miners and then branched into loaning money to them at twenty-five percent interest.


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Mau Mau

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Much of the geographic and ethnic divisions currently seen in Kenya were established and encouraged during British colonialism. The Kenyan people have sued the British government for human rights abuses commited by their forces.


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