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A new Pew Research study finds that the majority of Black Americans believe that most institutions designed to hold them back.
OPINION: As long as Tatum and Brown continue to make winning the main thing, both are headliners that fans want to see
If enacted, credit protections would dramatically expand for tens of millions of Americans burdened by insurmountable medical debt.
The school board's vote reversed a decision to remove the original names against a backdrop of nationwide protests over racial injustice.
While commemorating Juneteenth and Black resilience, there were some standout moments from the star-studded White House concert.
Isabella Strahan has been documenting her journey following a brain tumor diagnosis.
Project 2025 promises to shut down Dept. of Education, ban abortion bills, roll back civil rights and more.
The first Black female swimmer to capture individual Olympic gold, Manuel's body broke down in the leadup to the 2021 Tokyo Games.
Rev. Lawson died on Sunday after a short illness in Los Angeles, where he spent decades as a pastor, organizer and professor.
Kamala Harris came out swinging against her yet-to-be-named Republican vice presidential opponent ahead of an upcoming debate.
During an interview with theGrio's "The Hill with April Ryan," attorney Lanny Davis said Trump “must do the time.”
“I think it’s just one of those things that when you least expect it to happen, it happens,” Gauff said after her doubles victory in Paris.
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